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About Us

Art, Heart, Smart

At the heart of our mission lies a unique homeschool-parent partnership specifically designed to allow parents to focus on the joy of working closely with their children without the complexities.

We are a vibrant community of dedicated teachers, passionate believers, and eager students. At Artios, we offer an educational journey that intertwines the strands of arts education with Christian principles, providing a platform where young artists can grow and flourish, firmly rooted in a robust Biblical worldview.

The core curriculum at Artios is distinguished by its breadth, exposing students to a wide range of art history and various disciplines. Beyond the arts, each student takes core math, science, Worldview, and literature classes. This integrated approach nurtures students in their areas of giftedness and instills a solid foundation. This thoughtful, faith-driven approach sets Artios apart, ensuring a safe and appropriate environment for education.

Students can pursue their passion in Dance, Music, Literary Arts, Theater (with options in acting or tech/media), Visual Art, or Visual Media (including film & digital/film photography). Our curriculum starts with foundational courses, gradually transitioning to more specialized subjects. The journey culminates in preparation for senior projects, shows, and portfolio development, allowing students to showcase their skills and artistic prowess. Embark on your artistic journey at Artios and join this thriving community.


Oil Painting Workshop
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